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RERA was formed under the important REAL ESTATE REGULATION AND DEVELOPMENT ACT, 2016 (RERA) concerning matters within Real Estate Sector which is related to Sale/Purchase of Properties, Due diligence of properties and Dispute resolution under the said Act. Matters that will take up tons of your time like Delay in possession, Quality of Construction Material and was taking several years to litigate in courts , now have a forum or tribunal under this particular Act.

Our expert team provides with the simplest litigators and experts advise in RERA in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Kolkata who can advise and assist with the legal frameworks of RERA. With an over the highest boom within the land industry and rising infrastructure projects, we engage in Agreement / Document Review and RERA litigation both for the flat buyers and developers / builders to guard their respective interests.

Our Firm provides expert legal advice in protecting interests of our clients in various property disputes including title of an immovable property.

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