With a growing economy and therefore the consequent boom in business and contractual relationships, the contractual and commercial disputes between parties is additionally increasing. We have a revered reputation in providing viable solutions for the disputes arising out of a contract or your business transactions.

Our team undertake Drafting and vetting of all quite Film Contracts, Deeds and Documents.

After scrutinizing the Title Documents we advise and suggest the simplest document that would be executed to safeguard the interest of our client towards his investment.

We undertake Drafting and vetting of documents like Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, will, Transfer Deed, Release Deed, Gift Deed, Partnership Deed, Deed of trust , deed , MOU , Agreement to Sale, Power of Attorney, Venture Agreement, Partnership Deeds, , Job Contracts, NDA, business Contracts, Service Agreement, Marketing Agreement and lots of other documents.

We confirm that each and every safeguards are taken, role of parties are defined, clarity of facts, aspects and monetary terms, monetary security, defining the termination and consequences, Clarifying the Legal Remedies etc.

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